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    Brain Power Enrichment Programs offer unique and dynamic courses to bolster student success in both Language Arts and Math/Problem Solving. Read More
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    Brain Power has repeatedly been noted as a model site of learning by various post-secondary institutions and education researchers; indeed, with years of proven student success.
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    In line with various notable pedagogical theorists, the philosophy at Brain Power is that every one of our students can be successful.
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Why Brain Power?

Brain Power: Educational Enrichment with a Conscience.

Language Arts • Public Speaking • Robotics & Aerospace Engineering • Problem Solving & Math • Social Justice Book Club & Experiential Learning
*For students in grades 2 through 12
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Math/Problem Solving, Language Arts, and Applied Science Programs

The curriculum at Brain Power Enrichment Programs Ltd. – in Math/Problem Solving, Language Arts, and Applied Science – develops students into proficient problem solvers, creative thinkers, avid readers, solid
 writers, passionate speakers and empathetic listeners– ultimately, successful individuals in 
any educational path they choose! Embedded in a learning community with a well-developed sense of integrity, Brain Power students also use their skills for transformative social 
justice projects — to improve the quality of not only their lives, but also the lives of
 others in their communities and the world at large. Indeed, when students come to Brain Power, they learn to analyze and evaluate their own and their peers’ thought processes, along with the schools of
 thought within the context of both their daily and academic lives.  As a result, they acquire intellectual tools that are fundamental 
to critical reasoning and constructive personal evaluation. Self-assessment
 becomes a vital part of their lives, and they more easily master subject matter in
diverse areas of study.



At Brain Power Enrichment Programs Ltd., OUR MISSION IS:

  • To challenge students to participate more fully – thoughtfully, critically and passionately– in their immediate academic, personal, community, and global environments.
  • To provide philosophically innovative and exceptional instruction from expert, dynamic and professional faculty. Our instructors inspire passion for learning and knowledge while providing the skills for students to excel in their studies and everyday lives.
  • To involve parents and students in and outside of the classroom– we value frequent feedback, consistent involvement and a partnership between parents, students and faculty.
  • To engage students with an entirely unique, exciting, and rich inter-disciplinary curriculum; a curriculum that challenges young people to become enthusiastic problem solvers, critical thinkers and philosophically inclined individuals– all through the study of logic/mathematics, language arts and/or robotics & aerospace engineering. In so doing, we strive to enrich students’ minds and develop their intellectual, moral and creative abilities.
  • To instill metacognitive understanding and self-reflexive practices. These insights teach students how they learn best and promote successful lifelong learning.

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